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Contact Lenses Provided by an Optometrist in Lawrence, KS

Contact lenses are a convenient option for eyewear correction. You don't have to wear anything on your face all the time. Additionally, there's much less worry if you lose or damage a contact than if you would damage your glasses. For your convenience, Dr. Curtis R. Anderson, serving Lawrence, KS, and the surrounding area, can provide you with a contact lens exam and carries a variety of prescriptions, including hard-to-fit sizes.

Contact Lenses

About Our Contact Lens Exam

The first portion of your appointment for contact lenses consists of our optometrist asking you to read letters through lenses. Based on which one you can see clearest, our optometry specialist determines your visual acuity. This helps us figure out the strength of contacts you'll require. Additionally, we have you look through another pair of lenses that shows you images. Our doctor uses this test to evaluate you for astigmatism -- a condition that arises when you have an irregular curvature of your eye. 

Additionally, we'll also make sure you don't have any eye conditions that could hinder you from wearing contacts comfortably. We also see if you require any special type of contact lenses for a condition like keratoconus.  

Sizing You for Contacts 

During the next portion of your appointment, we size you for your contacts. This test is comprised of you looking into a machine, and it gathers information about the dimensions of your eyes. Based on your results, we figure out the size of contacts you require. 

Contact Types 

Many people can wear a standard pair of contacts. However, some people need special lenses, which we offer at our office. One type of specialty lenses we supply is Toric lenses, which are for astigmatism. They curve based on the shape of your eye to optimize your vision at different levels, unlike standard contacts that shape themselves based on your eye shape. We provide contacts for individuals with keratoconus because they need a harder contact that doesn't bend as much as a traditional one. For patients with dry eye, we have contacts that are designed to remain hydrated for longer. 

Another type of contacts we offer is gas-permeable lenses, which are contacts that are harder but still allow oxygen to pass through them. These particular contacts are ideal for people with astigmatism. We may recommend them if you have presbyopia or keratoconus. We can also provide multifocal lenses to correct your vision if you have both nearsightedness and farsightedness. 

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