Flashes in Vision

Seeing flashing lights in your vision is a common problem. People see various types of light flashes, but in most cases, they are caused by the eye itself, not something outside of the eye. If you have been experiencing flashes of light in your vision, call the office of Curtis R. Anderson, O.D in Lawrence, to schedule an appointment for an eye exam.


Floaters and Flashers

Often, floaters and flashers go hand in hand. Both of these effects can be created by the inner, rear part of the eye breaking loose. When this happens, patients can see light flashes out of the corners of their eyes. It's often in the peripheral vision that these effects appear. You may also see specks in your vision or strands and threads that look like a cobweb. There may also be many floaters that come on all at once and look like they are drifting through the air. You may even lose your peripheral vision, or it may look like a curtain is being closed around your vision. Some patients see what looks like shooting stars or even bolts of lightning. Seeing these flashes and floaters could indicate that there is something serious going on within your eye. These warning signs need to be discussed with an optometrist before the condition becomes worse.

The Causes of Flashes

Most of the time, flashes are seen when the thick, jelly-like vitreous gel that is in the eye begins to change or shrink. When it does this, it pulls on the retina, which is the eye's lining that is light sensitive. Force against the retina, either from surgery or other medical conditions, causes the flashes to appear. There can also be flashes seen when you are hit in the eye or after rubbing on your eyes too firmly.

As people age, flashes of light are more common. This is caused by the vitreous gel going through changes as we get older. Often, there is no damage caused by occasional flashes, and many people simply get used to them. At other times, however, it can be an indication of a serious eye problem that requires treatment. Eye care for the underlying issue can reduce the frequency of seeing flashes.

Get Your Eye Exam in Lawrence, KS

If you see flashes of light in your vision, it's important to get an eye exam to rule out any serious eye conditions. Call our family eye care center in Lawrence to schedule an appointment for your next eye exam. Call the office of Curtis R. Anderson, O.D today at (785)-843-8200  to speak with our optometrist to learn more.