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You Can Rely On Our High-Quality Optometry

Eye disorders are sometimes too subtle to notice, which is why regular eye exams are so important. At Curtis R. Anderson, O.D. in Lawrence, Kansas, we offer comprehensive, primary eye care services for your entire family and can quickly diagnose any refraction errors or eye diseases. In many instances, we can restore or prevent a loss of vision.

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Start Your Eye Exams at a Young Age

The American Optometric Association says we should have an eye exam:  

  • Beginning at six months to a year of age. (Five to ten percent of preschoolers and twenty-five percent of school-age children are diagnosed with vision problems. They may also be experiencing amblyopia, genetic eye disorders, glaucoma, and cataracts.)
  • At least one more between ages three and five
  • A full eye exam before first grade (school is vision intensive).
  • Annually thereafter until age eighteen.
  • Once every two years from eighteen to age sixty-four.
  • Every six months to a year after age sixty-five when age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts become a threat.

Beyond that, you can protect your eyes by wearing UV-blocking sunglasses in sunny weather and living a healthy lifestyle. Eat good food, exercise, get plenty of sleep, and avoid stress.

How We Test Your Vision

Just as good car mechanics ask questions to properly diagnose your car problems, Dr. Anderson will ask about your work environment, computer use, medications, general health, family history and all the questions necessary to properly diagnose the condition of your eyes. He will test your near and far vision, dilate your pupils to look for any internal problems, and then write you a prescription for glasses, contacts, treatment, or eye exercises. If needed, he will refer you to a specialist but offers pre-and-post operative treatment.

A Comprehensive Eye Exam Also Tests How Your Eyes Function

Dr. Anderson tests your depth perception, eye muscle abilities, color vision, peripheral vision, and responsiveness to light. Other simple tests reveal your eyes' ability to focus, move, and work together.

Good Vision Does Not Always Mean Good Eye Health

That is why Dr. Anderson examines your eyes and eyelids under bright lights and high magnification studies your eyes’ interior and measures your intraocular pressure to test for glaucoma. After some more brief tests, he reviews your results and discusses your treatment options.

Give Us a Call at Our Optometry Clinic

Although we pride ourselves on giving each patient personal care, we also have the latest technology to photograph the inside of your eyes, test your visual fields (peripheral vision), and topographically map the shape of your eyes. You can contact Curtis R. Anderson, O.D., in Lawrence, Kansas, at (785)-522-4610) to schedule a comprehensive eye exam and find which eye care services you may need.