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In today's healthcare industry, we expect to receive the best care available on the market. This philosophy should hold true when it comes to eye care treatment, as well. The office of Curtis R. Anderson, O.D., strives to provide the best in optometry services for the greater Lawrence area.

Every patient can expect an extensive eye exam for each specific group (individual, family, and pediatrics). You have your choice of a contact lens exam or a standard eye exam, but everyone will be screened for eye diseases, such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and others.

Eye Care

Standard Eye Exam

All individuals should schedule a standard eye exam every year, as it's an important component of preventative health care. An eye exam can determine your vision sharpness, find out how well your eyes work together, detect various eye diseases and health complications like diabetes, and determine whether or not you will need corrective lenses. Each eye exam has our optometrist in Lawrence utilizing specialized instrumentation, like the optical coherent tomography, and personalized eye care, so you can expect the best attention possible.

Contact Lens Exam

Individuals who wear contact lenses will need to be examined on a yearly basis as their vision will need to be evaluated more regularly. A contact lens exam consists of several tests that determine the size and type of contact lenses that best fit your eyes. Also, you may receive a tear film evaluation that confirms whether or not you can effectively create enough tears from your tear ducts. This assessment is important as tears allow you to comfortably wear contact lenses daily. The results of these tests will provide an accurate contact lens prescription. Improper fitting of contact lenses could have a damaging effect on the health of your eyes. For this reason, Dr. Anderson, our optometrist in Lawrence, takes this exam seriously to ensure that your contacts fit properly on your eyes.

Eye Care Services for The Whole Family

Although we offer eye exams and contact lens exams, we also offer consultations for LASIK, computer vision treatment, eye disease management, sports visions, a selection of frames, and a variety of contact lenses.

If you're experiencing eye troubles, then come into the optometry office of Curtis R. Anderson, O.D., for an eye exam. Our optometrist in Lawrence can determine your eye problem and help restore your eye health back to normal. Every eye care service is catered to your specific needs, so schedule an appointment today by calling us at (785)-843-8200.