Eye Care for Lawrence

Eye Care Services for Lawrence from Curtis R. Anderson, O.D.

Many people don't realize that they are supposed to visit the eye doctor at least once per year. This gives the eye doctor a chance to catch ocular health issues that might have otherwise been overlooked. At Curtis R. Anderson, O.D., it is our goal to be your one-stop-shop for eye care in the Lawrence area. We take a great deal of pride in our ability to provide comprehensive eye care services to our loyal and dedicated patients. If you are looking for an optometrist in Lawrence, then look no further than us.


Eye Care for Pediatrics

During childhood, the eyes grow and change rapidly. It is important for every parent to make sure that their child's eyes are developing exactly as they should. At Curtis R. Anderson, O.D., we know how to make children feel comfortable when they come to see us. Then, we will take a look at the eyes and identify any potential problems that might be present. After this, we will review all of the treatment options with you and allow you to make the decision that is in the best interests of your child. The parent is always treated as a member of the team when it comes to pediatrics and eye care.

Adult Eye Care Services

Of course, we also provide adult eye care services as a part of our family optometry practice. We know that many adults have chronic health conditions that might include diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and more. We will work with our patients to make sure these conditions are managed as closely as possible. We want to make sure that we can preserve your eyesight into your later years.

Acute Eye Care Needs in Lawrence

Even though preventative care is the backbone of what we do, we also provide acute eye care needs if an emergency arises. Some of the most common acute problems that we see in our practice include foreign bodies in the eye, glaucoma, eye infections, and ocular fractures. Our experience allows us to quickly diagnose and treat these problems in an efficient manner. Trust us to help you with all of your acute eye care needs.

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At Curtis R. Anderson, O.D., we are proud to be a reliable, dedicated optometrist in Lawrence. We know that all of our patients place a great deal of faith in our ability to take care of their optometry needs. At Curtis R. Anderson, O.D., our patients are truly treated like family. If you are looking for an eye doctor who can meet your healthcare needs, then call us today to make an appointment!