Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated at our Lawrence Optometry Office

Keeping your eyes healthy is just as important as anything else you do for your health. Regular preventive eye care services can help ward off some problems or get treatment started earlier when it’s more likely to be effective. Vision correction is another important aspect of optometry services. At Curtis R. Anderson in Lawrence, Kansas, we offer all that and more.

Vision Correction

Vision correction is one of the most common optometry services. If you suffer from nearsightedness (astigmatism) it can lead to headaches, blurred vision, and eye strain. Caused by an abnormal curvature of the eye, astigmatism affects the way light enters the eye. The visual images don’t focus clearly on the retina. As we age, our ability to focus on images such as the printed page changes, so that you must hold things farther away to see clearly. At the same time, your near vision may not be as acute. The right pair of contacts or corrective lenses can solve all of these problems.

Diseases and Eye Conditions

Allergies, infections, and other medical conditions can affect your eyesight. We can diagnose and treat the following:

  • Allergies – allergic responses typically cause watering, redness and itching as well as other symptoms.
  • Conjunctivitis – caused by viral and bacterial infections, conjunctivitis is similar to allergies in terms of symptoms, but if untreated can also damage your eyesight. It can be highly contagious.
  • Dry eye syndrome – relatively common in older people, chronic dry eye results in a feeling of grittiness in the eyes, as well as burning, sensitivity to light and blurry vision. Medications are often helpful, although severe cases may require surgery (for which we refer you to an ophthalmologist).
  • Glaucoma – a leading cause of blindness, glaucoma must be caught early for treatment to be effective. It results from increased pressure inside the eye, which damages the optic nerve.
  • Macular degeneration – blurry vision and a decreased ability see in dim light result from a breakdown of an area called the macula. Various treatments are available depending on the underlying cause.
  • Diabetes – this endocrine disorder can cause a condition known as diabetic retinopathy, especially if untreated. Both careful medical management and eye care services are necessary to prevent vision loss.
  • Amblyopia – colloquially known as “lazy eye,” this condition may have several different causes. Treatment depends on the cause.
  • Computer vision syndrome – regular use of a computer screen can cause headaches, eye fatigue, and even dry eyes. Lifestyle changes and corrective lenses can often help resolve the problem.
  • Preoperative and postoperative care – while an optometrist cannot perform the actual surgery, we work with the eye surgeon provide preoperative and postoperative care for procedures like cataract removal and LASIK surgery.

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Your vision should be protected to allow you to continue to perform your work and enjoy other activities. Whether you need routine eye exams, vision correction or some other kind of optometry services, please contact Curtis R. Anderson at (785)-843-8200. Located at 932 Massachusetts St. #302, in Lawrence, Kansas, we will work with you to meet your scheduling needs. We even offer evening appointments.