An Overview of Amblyopia from Curtis R Anderson, O.D.

It is important for everyone in Lawrence to have access to a trained optometrist. That is where the team from Curtis R Anderson, O.D. comes in. Our office works hard to ensure that everyone who comes to see us has their eyes taken care of. Over the years, we have gained a tremendous amount of experience in a variety of ocular fields. One of the most important conditions that we can address is called amblyopia. It is important for everyone to know the basics of this condition.


What Is Amblyopia?

One of the most serious conditions that someone might have is called amblyopia. This is often a disorder of childhood. Also called lazy eye, amblyopia develops when the brain starts to ignore the signals coming from one of the eyes. Perhaps the eyes aren't lined up or perhaps the signals coming from one eye are scrambled. Regardless, the brain tunes out the information coming from the defective eye.

This is incredibly dangerous because if the problem is not addressed quickly, the brain might start to ignore the eye completely. Amblyopia can lead to complete blindness in the affected eye. For this reason, it is critical for a trained eye doctor to address amblyopia as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are a few common treatment options available.

How Can an Eye Doctor Treat Amblyopia?

If someone has been diagnosed with amblyopia, the goal is to get the brain to focus on the signals coming from the lazy eye. This can be done in a few different ways. One of the most common treatment methods involving patching. The eye doctor will instruct someone to wear a patch on the good eye for a few hours per day. This will force the brain to listen to the lazy eye.

Another option involves ocular procedures. While this is not the first treatment option, there are some situations where this might be necessary. If this is required, the eye doctor will talk with you in detail about the procedure before it takes place. Rely on our team.

Rely on the Team from Curtis R Anderson, O.D.

At Curtis R Anderson, O.D., we have the ability to treat a variety of medical conditions including amblyopia. Our doctors will make sure that you and your family receive the compassionate care that you deserve. We will work hard to make sure that all of your needs are met. If you are looking for a Lawrence optometrist, then look no further than us. Trust us to help you. If you would like to learn more, then please call us today at (785)-843-8200  to make an appointment with our team.